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Fundamental Courses:

  • Introduction to IDMS

    • IDMS Concepts & Facilities

    • Integrated Data Dictionary

    • Database Navigation in IDMS

  • Introduction to ADS/Online

    • Prototyping with ADS/Online

    • Programming with ADS/Online

  • IDMS DBA Skills new see course outline

    • Using IDMS Utilities and Tools

    • Administrating the IDMS Database

    • Managing the IDMS Database & System

    • Securing and Applying Maintenance to the Database

  • Logical, Physical Database Design for IDMS

  • Defining an IDMS Database

  • Implementing & Maintaining an IDMS Database

  • Database, DC-UCF Internals


  • Online Query (OLQ)

  • Introduction to CULPRIT

Advanced Courses:

  • Advanced ADS/Online Techniques

  • IDMS Performance and Tuning

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Interested in "public" classes?

Contact info@archcons.com with the class you want, the number of students you have, and your timeframe.


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