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A PC-based software product designed for the IDMS database environment

IMAGINE ...the capability to produce Bachman Diagrams of your IDMS schemas using Windows drag-and-drop technology!

ARCH Consulting is pleased to announce the availability of SCHEMA PLUS, a valuable software tool designed to:

  • Create diagrams by simply dragging and dropping record from a list onto a bitmap "canvas". Sets are automatically connected and all Bachman information is displayed.

  • Modify record positions, set lines and set text on diagrams with simple drag-and-drop. No typing is required.

  • Print diagrams directly or copy to the clipboard for pasting into other programs.

  • Create diagrams as "diagram sets", with one diagram set per schema and any number of diagrams in the set.

  • Modify colors of various Bachman objects - such as record boxes, text or arrows - to create a visually pleasing effect.

For Help files and HTML files, SCHEMA PLUS will:

  • Generate a Windows Help file containing areas, records and sets, with links between all entities.

  • Generate an HTML file identical to the Help file. The HTML is compatible with all versions of Explorer or Navigator.

  • Optionally add physical space information or program and work record information to Help/HTML files.

SCHEMA PLUS is simple to install, easy to use, completely documented and fully supported.

SCHEMA PLUS sells for $2,495.00.  Both Site and Corporate Licenses are offered.Each copy is customized for the IDMS client site. 

Application Overview of Schema Plus


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