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ARCH Consulting Associates can help you MAXIMIZE the efficiency of your CA-IDMS environment with a variety of utility software products.  Consider the following:

Use BATSTAT when you need to know why a batch program is impacting your production schedule.  BATSTAT provides a Call Breakdown Analysis, a Record Breakdown Analysis, a Database Analysis, and a DML Sequence Analysis.
Price:    $990.00

DMLO Snitch
Use DMLO Snitch when you need to know how DMLO is impacting your production and QA data.  DMLO Snitch provides a comprehensive audit trail of when, where, and how DMLO is used.
Price:    $500.00

Dialog Scanner
Use Dialog Scanner to quickly assess the impact of changes to ADS/O dialogs.  Digital Scanner reports on strings in any ADS/O dialog code (up to 100 strings in one run), giving you the process module, last modification, and string context data.
Price:    $900.00

Online Sort
Use Online Sort to sort data in ANY sequence and eliminate changing databases, maintaining long sorted sets and coding special sort routines.  Online Sort interfaces with any ADS/O or DC-COBOL program.
Price:    $900.00

Printer Monitor
Use Printer Monitor to automatically place a printer back in service at user-defined or default time intervals.
Price:    $300.00

For all ARCH products, we supply source code and documentation. There is no "License Renewal Fee" and no annual maintenance... the software is your property.

Discounts are available for multiple product purchase.


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